Writing a Book? Learn the Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller Publishing Secret

Writing a book? Learn the secret self-published authors are using to turn their unpublished books into Amazon Best Sellers while having the entire publishing process funded for them.
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About This Product:

Have you been rejected by traditional publishers... 

If so, you are not alone. Every year this happens to many people around the world. I was one of these people, and I want to share with you the steps I used to turn my rejected manuscript into an Amazon Best Seller while funding the whole publishing process with presales!

I spent three years and walked over 1,000 miles doing research for my debut novel, and all I got in return were two rejection letters and forty-eight other agents that didn't even bother to write back. Sound familiar?
At this point, I could have quit, I could have believed them and thought my manuscript was no good. Who was I to think I could be an author? I grew up with dyslexia and a third-grade spelling level in high school. But, just like you, I knew I had an important story to tell, and I wasn't going to let them or anyone else stop me.
Instead of giving up, I took action and used a tool that has helped me to raise over $100,000 for my projects and the projects of others.
In 2020, in the middle of the pandemic and economic uncertainty, I launched my book on Kickstarter, which is a crowdfunding platform, and raised over $10,000 in presales, in 30 days, for my debut novel—months before it was for sale on Amazon or at any other retailer. These funds helped to pay for all of the expenses associated with self-publishing and allowed me to produce a book that was high-quality enough to compete with those that were traditionally published. The best part is, we not only raised the money, but the Kickstarter formed a dedicated fanbase around my book as well!
Since launching my novel, it has gone on to become an Amazon Best Seller in several categories and won an Eric Hoffer award, which is one of the most prestigious awards in the self-publishing world. More importantly, people were reading my book instead of it just sitting on my computer. The frameworks we used for our Kickstarter book launch were so effective that we repeated the process for book two in the series and had similar results!

I would love to share the steps I used to take my book from Kickstarter to an Amazon Best Seller so you can get your book off of your computer and out into the world! To do this, my wife, Chelsea, and I put together a three-module course called Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller! 
We spent years gathering the tools and knowledge to create the frameworks in Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller.  We want this course to be the bridge between where you are now and the success of your novel. This course could not only save you time and money in the publishing process; more importantly, it could get your book into the hands of readers. The course takes time and effort, and nothing in life is guaranteed, but holding your high-quality book in your hands is worth it!

The Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller course is divided into three modules with numerous sessions that take you step-by-step through the entire publishing process. 

  • The lessons in module one are designed to build a community around your book and Kickstarter—plus, there are tons of marketing secrets including lessons on creating an author landing page, social media tactics, and booking speaking engagements. 

  • Module two is designed to teach you how to set up and run your Kickstarter for success. We focus on attracting your ideal readers as well as the strategies, tactics, and tools we use to get them to back your project. 

  • Module three focuses on how to print and distribute your books. Plus, we reveal the strategies we have used to become an Amazon Best Seller!

These strategies, tactics, and tools have enabled us to publish our books with great results, and today, with this offer, you will be receiving all of them for just $197!

The best part about this is, once you have mastered the Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller process, you can use the skills you have learned for all of your future books!

We believe in over-delivering so along with the course, you will be receiving:

  • Access to our exclusive Facebook group—where you can grow and learn with other authors.

  • A digital workbook with over 100 pages of our Kickstarter Frameworks to accompany the Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller course.

  • Special bonus courses with guest experts.

We wish we would have had all the information in the Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller course when we started; it would have saved us a lot of time and money. We are so happy to offer the course, plus all of these amazing bonuses, to you for just $297!

So... You may be asking yourself "What's the Catch?"

The catch is that we are just launching this course, and we hope you will get so much value from it that you will want to share it with your family and friends. There is the saying "Give a man a fish and he eats for a day; teach a man to fish and he can eat for a lifetime." Once you have mastered the Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller method, you can repeat the process for all of your future books!


We are so confident that you will find value in this course that we are offering a 30-day money-back guarantee. No questions asked.

Don't let this offer pass you by. Kickstarter book launches are the way of the future. Many self-published authors are already using this secret to fund their books, and traditionally published authors are starting to do Kickstarter book launches as well.

Don't miss out!

To recap, you will be receiving:
  • Access to our private Facebook group
  • Bonus lessons with guest experts
  • A digital workbook with over 100 pages of our Kickstarter Frameworks
  • The Kickstarter to Amazon Best Seller course

All of this for just $297!

I could have been like so many others and given up on my dream, but instead, I chose to take a risk and succeeded. I want to help you to succeed as well. Your book is worth it; it really is! Remember, fortune favors the brave. Be brave and take the next step by clicking the button on the top right of your screen. This $297 investment could get you the results you have been waiting for!

We look forward to seeing you in the course, 

Program Details

Success Mindset (Module 1.02)
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Identifying Your Ideal Reader (Module 1.03)
Available Now
Making a Good First Impression (Module 1.04)
Available Now
Creating Your Cover (Module 1.05)
Available Now
Crafting the Perfect Copy (Module 1.06)
Available Now
Creating Your Mailing List and Book's Landing Page for Free (Module 1.07)
Available Now
Social Media Strategies and Tactics (Module 1.08)
Available Now
Facebook Business Page (Module 1.09)
Available Now
Facebook Tool Kit - Facebook Ad, Offers, Events, and Swipe Files (Module 1.10)
Available Now
Crafting Your Origin Story for Speaking Engagements (Module 1.11)
Available Now
Bonus! Landing Podcasts and Other Speaking Engagements
Available Now

Introduction to Kickstarter (Module 2.01)
Available Now
Anatomy of a Kickstarter! (Module 2.02)
Available Now
Basics Page - Overview (Module 2.03)
Available Now
Kickstarter Video - Basics Page (Module 2.04)
Available Now
Building your Budget - Basics Page (Module 2.05)
Available Now
Creating Offer Stacks - Rewards Page (Module 2.06)
Available Now
How to Build Your Story Page (Module 2.07)
Available Now
When and How to Engage with Your Backers (Module 2.08)
Available Now

Introduction (Module 3.01)
Available Now
How to Set Up Your ISBNs (Modules 3.02)
Available Now
How to Set Up Your Book For Printing (Module 3.03)
Available Now
Distribution and Shipping (Module 3.04)
Available Now
Setting up for Success on Amazon! (Module 3.05)
Available Now
Bonus - Interview with an Amazon Book Launch Expert!
Available Now
We are so proud of you!!!
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